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Using wireless to connect the property

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Bringing WIFI to the Faithful

Older building are among the most beautiful structures in the world. They reveal to us how generations past saw and interacted with their world. In Stockton one of the most iconic structures is the Central United Methodist Church. In 1964, across the street from the University of the Pacific tower Construction of the landmark began. I’m not sure if the builders or Church goers knew at the time that this building would become one of the most distinguished in the area. What I do know is that they had no idea about internet access. As a result this beautiful church had no way of giving the Choir room or Pastors office the ability to connect to the internet. This is where Bayber Technology Solutions enters the story. The challenge was to extend the existing Internet services to the entire property. This includes the Sanctuary offices as well as the Church’s school and conference room located ascent the main office in the Knowles build. If we could do this then the church would not have to incur the cost of additional internet connections. With a little out of the box thinking and Ubquiti wifi products we’re able to extend internet access to the Sanctuary offices as well as the school. Now the entire property has access to fast and reliable internet service and the church only has a single bill.  

Sanctuary Offices